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Your first step to mastering video editing right on your mobile device
Free Quick-Start Editing Tutorial
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Tutorial Duration:
Less than 6 minutes.

Hello everyone! Welcome to this tutorial. I’m genuinely excited to offer you a glimpse into the expansive realm of mobile video editing. This isn’t about mere basics; we’re exploring techniques that professionals cherish. Here, you’ll get acquainted with tools that allow multiple layering, background removal, and work with masks. It’s a true testament to what’s achievable on your mobile device, transforming even the most complex video concepts into reality.

I’ve condensed this tutorial to under 6 minutes, giving you a swift but enlightening glimpse into the captivating world of video creation. Remember, the essence of video creation is not just the tools but the creativity and vision behind each edit.

And for those with a thirst for in-depth knowledge, the full version of this tutorial in our paid course dives deeper. You’ll receive guidance on every step: from which buttons to press, to adjusting the exact intensity on various app sliders. It’s designed for those who strive for perfection in every pixel.

Before we jump in, here’s what you’ll need:

• VideoLeap:
This is a versatile video editing tool with a plethora of features. Perfect for cutting, transitioning, and adding some flair to your videos.
• PhotoLeap:
Ideal for those photo edits that can transform your images into professional-grade visuals.
• CapCut:
A user-friendly app with a suite of functions, from basic trims to adding complex effects.

A Quick Note:
While I’ll be toggling between these apps during the tutorial, it’s entirely feasible to create your video using just one of them. Whether you lean towards PhotoLeap, CapCut, or any other app you’re comfortable with, it’s all about the technique, understanding the workflow, and ultimately, the outcome. My preference for PhotoLeap, for instance, is based on my experience with its features, but remember, every creator has their own unique style. What matters most is how you bring your vision to life.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the tutorial below and start crafting!
— It's all about getting better with REELS and earning from it.
Free Quick-Start Editing Tutorial
«Changing reality»
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Based on this video:
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Kate Boytsova
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Alex Fisenkov
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